Zentanetwork FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Zentanetwork.

What is the Zentanetwork?

Zentachain ($CHAIN) is a Substrate-based, forkless PoS consensus for communication and data storage. The construction of a fork-free network enables Zentalk and Zentavault to make the perfect provision for the ecosystem.

How many CHAIN tokens should I have for staking?

You need to have a minimum of 5000 CHAIN tokens to be able to stake in the Zentanetwork.

How much interest do I earn if I stake the CHAIN tokens?

10% APY.

Is the Proof of Stake consensus secure?

Proof of Stake incorporates safety features for its users, such as Penalties for the attacker. According to this protocol, a malicious validator can lose all his stake if the network is attacked.

Is Proof of Stake really decentralized?

Of course, the primary purpose of this protocol is decentralization. In other words, instead of collecting authority in a single person, spreading it to nominators and validators in the whole network and creating a democratic network.

What is the measure you have taken for the 51% attack?

First of all, the Zentachain team will hold and stake at least 51% of the total amount of Zentachain. Therefore, we will not be exposed to this attack. With a PoS, the attacker needs to obtain 51% of the cryptocurrency to carry out a 51% attack. The proof of stake avoids this failure by making it disadvantageous for a miner with a 51% stake in a cryptocurrency to attack the network. Although it would be difficult and expensive to accumulate 51% of Zentachain, a miner with 51% stake in the coin would not have it in his best interest to attack a network which he holds a majority share. If the value of the cryptocurrency falls, this means that the value of his holdings would also fall, and so the majority stake owner would be more incentivized to maintain a secure network.

When will you start the testnet of Zentanetwork?

We already developed the Zajin-testnet which is a beta version of the Zentanetwork. At the Zikaron-net, users will be able to test early staking as nominator or becoming a validator in the network.

What is the process of becoming a Validator at Zentanetwork?

Please visit the Validator Guide.

Are employees going to be paid in tokens? If so, do they have a lockup period before they can sell in the open market?

Employees at Zentachain receive a normal monthly salary. (They will not receive CHAIN tokens)