Zentavault will start in 2021 Q3

What is Zentavault

Zentavault is a new type of private data storage aimed at revolutionizing the cloud storage service space. Cloud servers and modern data storage services rely on centralized storage systems. These act as a sort of mega hard drives and are known to contain flaws in their security and privacy protocols. Your data can potentially be logged and accessed by either service providers or unwelcome third parties.

We have created a service that acts as an encryption delivery tool, which can securely distribute data on the InterPlanetary File System by using the Zentagateway. This state of the art encryption and file sorting service utilizes the Zentachain ecosystem. Zentavault doesn't have a central storage facility or a backup database.

You have full ownership of your data accessible only by the use of your personal private encryption key. Once your data is encrypted and stored it can stay in place indefinitely on IPFS until the need to access it arises. It requires no monthly service fees. Instead, there is a small transaction fee to upload or download your data.