Zentachain is a decentralized, high-throughput blockchain ecosystem, designed for secure with anonymous offline communication.

Main Vision

The vision of Zentachain is largely based and focused on communication. Zentachain also uses secure encryption of data and communication the multiple encryptions are applied. Zentalk will not only be an ordinary communication application. We know that the time has come to communicate in a strong and large range offline to offline.

When paying for the so-called free apps with your data and information, Zentachain does not require any personal information from the user unlike today's communications and apps. Zentachain pays the user with their own cryptocurrency Zenta which is supporting the Zentameshnet.

Its main purpose is to provide people and companies a way to remain secure, without the fear of eavesdrop, spying, or retrieving their data. Zentachain never keeps any metadata on our customers and will not save your IP address, your email, or phone number.

Zentachain will have no information about users' identity. For example; the region in which you live, or any personal data about you. Our decentralized Zentalk App will have quantum resistance with multiple cryptography encryptions.