Zentachain is a decentralized, high-throughput blockchain ecosystem, designed for secure with anonymous offline communication and data storage.

About Zentachain

Zentachain encourages users to support the Zentanetwork and increases security by rewarding users who support Zentanetwork with native cryptocurrency Zentachain($CHAIN). The purpose of Zentachain is to provide people and companies a way to stay safe without fear of eavesdropping, spying, or getting their data. User privacy, confidentiality, and freedom of communication are the top priority for Zentachain.

Zentachain is a privacy-based project that focuses on communication and data storage. This decentralized ecosystem is supported and protected by the users. Original and effective solutions are provided for security and data ownership problems. Zentachain is an open-source project and objects to fill the gap between decentralized mesh network cloud services such as IPFS ‚Äčand dynamic routing. Zentachain Labs will boost the IPFS peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol with state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

High latency networks are a real obstacle to connect to the developing real world and it causes serious waste of time and money, Zentachain provides flexible access to data, independence of low latency, or connectivity to the backbone. Zentachain is really decentral and designed the ecosystem in such a way that it never keeps track of users or any personal information like e-mail, phone number, name, surname, etc.

Zentachain uses hybrid encryption of data and communication, applying multiple encryptions. The first product Zentalk will not just be an ordinary messenger application as you know it today. Zentachain offers the possibility to communicate in a wide range between offline and offline. So users can communicate with each other even if there is no any internet connection via Zentalk App.