Zentachain is a decentralized, high-throughput blockchain ecosystem, designed for offline communication and data storage.

About Company

Zentachain is a privacy-focused IoT blockchain networking project that is focused on offline communication and Zentachain initiative rewards users who participate in Zentamesh activities with the native cryptocurrency CHAIN and encourages users to support the network. It provides a way for people and businesses to stay secure without worrying about centralized networking. Privacy, data protection, and decentralized telecommunications are among Zentachain's solutions.
Zentachain uses a hybrid encryption technique in its products, using several encryptions to protect sensitive information, data, and communications. The Zentalk decentralized application is not just a messenger application as it exists today like other ones which are most like a centralized network.
Zentalk offers the ability to interact with people in a variety of situations like connection issues, network issues, or centralized data problem issues. The Zentalk messenger application is a secure messaging platform that uses blockchain technology to protect user privacy and ensure the validity of communications.
As a result, communication may be maintained even if access to the Internet is unavailable like shutdown or offline. Zentalk's security hub is visible not just in its hybrid encryptions and decentralized security, but also in Zentanodes IoT devices that guarantee long-range connections under any circumstances.
The Zentamesh network is a mesh network that uses can comes with blockchain technology to provide secure communication and data sharing by relaying data across the network. A Zentanode can be thought of as an IoT device gateway or node point in the network.
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