Zentanodes FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Zentanode.

Could you tell how to purchase a Zentanode?

Nodes will only be available for purchase at the official Onlinestore of Zentachain named by Zentanode.com

What is the best way to acquire a Zentanode?

Take a view at the Purchase-Guid.

What is the maximum Zentanode that we can purchase?

The number of nodes will vary based on each country, city, and node range. There is currently a limit of two nodes per person.

What is the range of a Zentanode?

Currently, the distance between nodes is 4 kilometers. The nodes will be able to communicate up to 30 mile's in future.

Do I have the option for setting up my own node?

No, you can't.

Will Zentanode owners forever receive CHAIN tokens as a reward?

Yes, the CHAIN token rewards will be distributed every month. When a node operator's node goes offline, he will not be rewarded until he is back online again.

How many CHAIN tokens will I receive per node?

The mining rewards can be found Here.

How much does Zentanode miner cost?

The price per unit may change, you can find this information on the official store at Zentanode.

To determine which active nodes are running, what is the best way to do it?

Please visit Zentanode-Explorer. (Updated)

Will be there an airdrop for Zentanode owners?

This question has been asked many times, but at the moment we do not know.