Zentamesh FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Zentamesh.

What are the capabilities of Zentamesh?

  • Network stability
  • High bandwidth
  • Safety and Security
  • Range of the Zentanodes
  • Data transfer through the network
  • Zentanode
  • Operating Frequencies
  • The Wifi Connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio
  • Gateway

How to connect to Zentamesh?

Zentachain is designed in such a way that it is running on its own private Zentamesh. Zentagate connects the ecosystem to use Zentamesh such as the Internet. Zentagate provides additional encryption by AES and an anti-hack layer, to ensure the user is connected and protected safely. Next to gatekeeping and safe-unsafe network relaying, we plan on implementing a decentralized name service as well. Zentagate will run this service - enabling routing and rerouting data and transactions in and out the Zentamesh with the Zentanodes which will allow the user to stay connected without having internet access.

Why is Zentamesh better than others?

Zentamesh has self-healing properties that contribute to the ability to achieve censorship resistance. Self-healing means if a node connection is blocked or disabled, the network can patch and reroute around the lost node. The data is redirected and the network is still functional. Meshed networks can be applied to both wired and wireless networks, as well as Zentalk will establish a meshed WLAN (Wireless Local Access Network). This MWLAN can be achieved thanks to the use of a Zentanode Meshed WiFi. This will be required for offline communications over Zentalk.

Which frequencies are the Zentamesh used?

  • Europe - 868MHz
  • US, Canada & Mexico - 902MHz
  • Latin America & SE-Asia - 922MHz

Which will be the first cities you implement the Offline 2 Offline Network?

We will start the first few test runs in Major Swiss and Austrian Cities. But we will only set the baseline. Users will be able to host their own nodes all around the world. We are currently active in development in this aspect.

Will the Zentanodes be able to cover the whole world to communicate offline to offline?

Our priority plan is for big cities.

Is there any plan for lower-density areas?

Lower density areas will most probably not be fully within the range, but the Offline 2 Offline will be only one of many options, we will have a Tor network option and a standard encryption option for areas where the Zentamesh is not in range.