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Zentalk is an ultra-secure, hybrid, and encrypted decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) messenger application without cloud storage.
Zentalk is an ultra-secure, hybrid encrypted decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) messenger application without cloud storage. Next to great usability, under the hood, users will find state-of-the-art encryption with AES-256, Diffie-Helman, RSA, and El-Gamal security. Zentalk provides anonymity and offline communication using Zentanodes inclusive hashing function Blake2 and the Tor-network.
Privacy and security are achieved through the integration of Zentameshnet which Zentachain's own network. The network provides users to communicate in a wide range of areas without internet access. User privacy, anonymity, and security are our top priorities. Zentalk protects users' contact history from large companies that may sell all this information. Zentalk also will have quantum resistance with multiple cryptography encryption.
Zentalk provides technological privacy, and this means only highly encrypted Metadata is shortly kept and afterward automatically unrecoverable removed. Zentalk sends and tunnels all messages and data through the network. This ensures that any messages shared between the sender and receiver being the highest levels of their privacy. If a message or any data is sent from Zentalk through the network, it passes from one node to the next until the message has reached the desired recipient. Thanks to the design of the Zentanodes in the Zentameshnet, nobody knows which node sends or receives which message and when.
Each device using Zentanode can act as a node or gateway in the network. So Zentalk is not an ordinary Messenger App like others. Zentalk users can run a node in the network to be rewarded with CHAIN token, which is the native token of Zentachain. Zentalk is designed for modern communications with multiple communication encryption capabilities. Zentalk users within Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range can communicate with other users and other users via Zentanode, even if they do not have access to the Internet.