Zentachain FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Zentachain.

Where is the company registered/based?


Are the ideas and the whitepaper original?

It is Zentachain's right that everything written in the whitepaper is based on Zentachain's knowledge, and no one is allowed to copy or manipulate text or images in order to spread false information regarding Zentachain. Zentachain allows the distribution of only original files with the original text, images, and contents. Zentachain.io is responsible for the Whitepaper. As Zentachain, we reserve the right to update Zentachain Lab constantly in order to keep up with rapidly evolving technology.

What are the different's of Zentachain?

It is a very different, much safer Messenger app than other apps because Zentachain is based on the idea that communication is the most significant thing in the world. Freedom is restricted, and people's private information is misused without their knowledge. Zentachain appears to be a solution to these major problems.

Where can I find the roadmap?

You can find the road map on our website: https://zentachain.io/about-us

What is the best way to reach you?

Please send a request over: https://zentachain.io/contact

Do you plan to launch an ICO/IEO?

No, we will not launch an ICO/IEO, but rather a Trade for Chain token.