The Chain Network, built on the OP stack, is a revolutionary Layer 2 solution designed specifically for the Telecom ecosystem. It establishes a decentralized network of nodes, committed to delivering a secure, reliable, and cost-effective infrastructure for Telecom services. Chain Network introduces a groundbreaking scaling approach, enhancing Chain Network's capabilities and overall efficiency.


For those eager to contribute and be a part of the Chain Network, we have comprehensive documentation available. Whether you're interested in adding a new project or product to the ecosystem, our guide will walk you through the process. The documentation provides in-depth insights into the Chain Network's architecture, protocols, and best practices.


Developers who want to build a project on the Chain Network or anyone who wants to join the ecosystem can find all the necessary documents from the link below.


Discover a multitude of projects implemented by the Zentachain team within the Chain Network ecosystem. By exploring our ecosystem, you can broaden your network, find potential collaborators, and gain inspiration for building new projects.

Join Telecom

Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting, the Chain Network welcomes contributors from all backgrounds. By actively participating, you become an integral part of revolutionizing the Telecom ecosystem. Together, we can build a future where Telecom services are not only secure and reliable but also accessible to all.
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