Zentanetwork Economics

Zentachain($CHAIN) is the native token of the Zentanetwork. Network participants use it to pay computation fees, Z-node, and it rewards validators who process network transactions.


Genesis distribution $CHAIN:

  • Supply: 5,5 (M) = 100%

  • Trade: 2,750,000 (M) = 50%

  • Team: 1,375,000 (M) = 25%

  • Company: 687,500 (K) = 12.5%

  • Zentanode: 687,500 (K) = 12.5%

Trade Details:

  • Total Supply at Trade: 2,75 (M)

  • Trade 1 - 1,000,000 (M) CHAIN's - Price 0,50 USD

  • Trade 2 - 1,000,000 (M) CHAIN's - Price 2,00 USD

  • Trade 3 - 750,000 (K) CHAIN's - Price 3,50 USD

Network Economics FAQ

When will the whitelist start for the trade?

Already closed.

When will trade start?

There is no exact date, for now, stay tuned for updates.

What will be the use of the proceeds raised for the trade?

It will be used for listing Zentachain ($CHAIN) and marketing and of course for the further development of Zentalk, Zentachain, Zentavault, and the rest of our products.

How many trade processes will there be?

There will be 3 Trade processes.

What is the price of Zentachain($CHAIN)?

  • Trade 1 : 0,5 $ USD per CHAIN.

  • Trade 1 : 2 $ USD per CHAIN.

  • Trade 1 : 3,5 $ USD per CHAIN.

How many Zentachain($CHAIN) will be available for trade?

A. 51 % of the supply. (2,805,000 CHAIN's)

What is important to be joined to the trade of the $CHAIN?

Most important thing is to understand Zentachain's vision and investors should support Zentanetwork.

What will you do with unsold tokens?

There will be no unsold Zentachain tokens, we have large investors. If an investor bails out, the unsold token will be replaced with the waitlist of the investors. The demand for Zentachain tokens is very high, it is rather unlikely that the Zentachain tokens will not be sold.

Is there a min-max participation amount of the trade?

An announcement will be made for that soon.

How will you prevent the market from being controlled by whales?

A. Short private investment will be split to our investors.

When Zentachain($CHAIN) will be listed in any exchange?

There is no exact date for that. Please stay tuned for updates.

Which countries are prohibited to Trade Zentachain($CHAIN)?


Where can I find general terms and conditions for the Trade?

Here: Terms & Policy‚Äč