Here it is possible to find some information about the Katsumi economics.


Katsumi is designed as a community network of Zentachain. Katsumi is a network of Zentachain, it is the same code, some differences can be seen. As mentioned above, the supply is 90% less than Zentachain. Katsumi also has more governance instead of Zentachain, and it is the experimental version of the Zentachain network. Through Katsumi, Zentachain will be able to handle such things as the stabilization of Zentachain and much more.


Name: Katsumi
Symbol: KSI
Supply: 750K (KSI)
Blockchain: ERC20
Network name: Katsuminetwork
Burn: until 550K left for the main-net


For more information about the Katsumi trade, you can follow the link here.
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