CHAIN Staking

Learn about the first version of Staking CHAIN currency in this section.


Using the Stake CHAIN token's feature, users are able to earn more CHAIN token. To accomplish this, you should pay attention to the minimum stake in the contract of the CHAIN token. You should be aware beforehand that you will have this amount of tokens. Eventually, Zentachain may change the minimum stake for CHAIN tokens. There is no maturity or epoch lock in the Zentachain contract, so users who withdraw their tokens are not isolated as in other staking contracts. As a result, the user is fully in control of when they want to stake and un-stake there CHAIN's.


The minimum amount is specified in the Zentachain contract. At the launch of tokens the min amount will be set to 1000 CHAIN tokens. If the price of CHAIN tokens increases, the minimum amount will also be changed to allow other participants to join.

Example: Increased Market Min Staking Amount -


Example: Decreased Market Min Staking Amount +



Staking can be done through our decentralized application, available at Users will need a Web3 wallet, such as Metamask, Trustwallet, Brave Wallet, or MEW Wallet. Before a user start Staking, make sure that you have also purchased the minimum amount. The minimum amount can also be viewed in the dashboard overview. Staking your CHAIN token will trigger the reward immediately.


According to Zentachain's mechanism, user will receive 10% APY. Assuming a user own 1000 CHAIN, you will receive 120 CHAIN as a rewards per year. In addition, the APY percentage can be changed. All Staker's will receive more rewards if the minimum amount decreases. For example, if the minimum amount decreases to 900 CHAIN tokens, the APY will increase to 15%. The following graphics provide more examples at section APY.

Claim Rewards

If a user wants to get the reward from of Staking, the user needs to collect it via the application on the: Page Payouts and then 'Claim Rewards'. Zentachain gives you the opportunity to be able a claim at any time when ever a user want to claim.


Stakeholders of CHAIN tokens are at any time able to handle their total assets themselves if a user wish to operate an un-stake of the total amount. By un-stake tokens, the user will no more receive any further rewards. (Withdraw Total Amount & Claim's Rewards)


Zentachain also offers the option to Re-Stake CHAIN tokens, so you don't have to first un-stake the total balance and claim rewards before you can stake more. By re-staking, you are adding your unclaimed rewards to your current stake amount. Suppose you stake 1000 CHAIN and after some time you receive some rewards, such as 10 CHAIN, if you re-stake it, you will now have 1010 total staked amount.


The APY is an annual percentage yield (APY) is the real rate of return earned on an investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest. CHAIN tokens will enter the market in 2023 with an APY of 10%. The APY will be changed by Zentachain even if the market is rising or falling. Below you can see some examples.

Example: Increasing Market APY +

APY Market

Example Two: Decreasing Market APY -

APY Market