The CHAIN token have a number of different use cases of the eco-system.


Zentanode provides a reliable and robust offline telecommunications experience, similar to having a high-quality router that allows you to access the internet. With a Zentanode, you can stay connected and communicate even when you are not online. A Zentanode is an essential part of the larger Zentamesh network, which serves as a gateway for Zentamesh. According to the information, the amount of CHAIN tokens earned per month is 25 CHAIN.


The Zentamesh network is a decentralized network that is powered by the CHAIN token. By owning a Zentanode and participating in the network, you can earn a certain amount of CHAIN tokens each month.
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One use case is the ability to stake CHAIN and earn rewards through an annual percentage rate (APR). This means that you can earn rewards on your staked CHAIN without having to lock it up for a specific period of time.
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Zentalk is a decentralized, peer-to-peer messaging application that is designed to provide a high level of privacy and security for its users. Some of the key features of the application include:
  • The ability to operate offline and maintain communication within a range of up to 6km or more.
  • To use Zentalk offline, users must be within range (6 km for now) of a Zentanode device.
  • The use of a mesh network, such as Zentamesh, to exchange encrypted data and messages between nodes.
  • The ability to operate online through the Tor network for anonymous messaging.
  • The use of advanced encryption protocols, including AES-256, Diffie-Helman, RSA, and El-Gamal, to ensure the security of data and messages.
  • The ability to work with a variety of different networks, including BLE, WiFi, 4G, 5G, and radio.
  • The ability to operate without requiring phone numbers, emails, or other personal information.
To use Zentalk, users will need to have some CHAIN tokens.
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